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My animals bracelets made it to the Thyssen!

July 11, 2011

My bracelet collection is finally exposed at the Thyssen shop! I’m so excited. I went yesterday to take some photos. Take a look! I did them in Beirut (the gold plated pendants) and I assembled them in Spain: ) I got all the material with me from Beirut, and I spent some days assembling them in my small studio in Vigo. I did 5 animal motifs: an elephant, a turtle, a turkey, an owl and a hedgehog inspired from the painting: ” Adam and Eve in the garden of eden” by Jan Brueghel, part of the permanent collection painting of the Thyssen Museum in Madrid. I did the braided bracelets from colored threads and attached the animals to them. The pendants are sold individually, and since the bracelet is a braid, it’s easy to hang the pendant anywhere you want. Enjoy!

Jan Brueghel - Adam and Eve in the garden of eden.

Pendants final sketches and dimensions


Assembling the material

Assembling the material

Bracelets with pendants


Braided colorful bracelets

Braided bracelet turning twice around the wrist

Braided colorful bracelets

In the museum shop