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“Mom & I” photoshoot at Beirut Souks

March 18, 2012

Mother’s day is just around the corner and if you are wondering how to surprise her this year, you can take her to the Mom & I Photoshoot happening at the Beirut Souks. They turned one part of the Beirut Souks into a photo studio for 10 days, (from the 15th till the 25th). Everyday there’s a different photographer, and you can reserve your slot! Also you get the chance to choose a designer’s piece to wear for your picture. My scarves are there! : ) The space is really nice,  and the people are super friendly. I loved the idea! So hurry up! For more info check Raya Tueny’s facebook page “Made for Beirut” by clicking here.


In my mailbox today

March 13, 2012

I love receiving real letters, it makes me so happy. The bell rings today at 11:30 and the postman says I have a special package for you from Brazil!!!!! Woohouuu. My friend Celene, sent me a really special gift all the way from Belo Horizonte.

I met Celene in Madrid in 2009, we were both the master of textile design and surfaces. We were also neighbors in Madrid : ) I am posting pictures of the package, she did this pattern for a Brazilian brand called: Farm Rio, inspired by the Carnavals of Rio de Janeiro. The mood is so festive and colorful. She said that this brand is very famous now in Brazil, young girls are in love with everything they have. I fell in love too! You can check their website here (its in portuguese, but you can still take a look : )). To check more of Celene’s work, you can click here. I love the baby bibs ties! So cute.

The product comes with a small note that you can cut and tie anywhere you want (I suppose) and it says in portuguese: ” eu tenho mil motivos para ser feliz hoje” which means: I have a thousand reasons to be happy today!

Chez Bogato

March 11, 2012

I was going through the Colette website and reading about their event this weekend (Tala attended it and im so jealous!) and I came across this fantastic french shop “Chez Bogato”. I fell in love with every single thing they have. I want to order it ALL. I love the patterns (worm) and the textures they incorporated (the dinosaur kills me), I am posting some of the stuff I liked most. This shop is on my list on my next trip to Paris! Click here for more photos.