Saloua Raouda Choucair exhibition

The Beirut exhibition center in Beirut is showcasing the work of Lebanse artist Salwa Raouda Choucair’s in an exhibition entitled “Retrospective” (September 27th till November 13, 2011). If you are in Beirut you might like to visit, it’s great!

The artist was born in Ain el Mereisse (Beirut), in 1916. Her work is versatil, from sculpture, paintings, typography, textil design and jewellry. A lot her work is made of pieces that perfectly fit into each other (see first image), which is, according to the artist, due to the fact that they were done during the war, a time where humans were so far from each other. She wanted to bring them closer.

My favorite piece is the bench, which was executed in downtown Beirut in 1969. I absolutely love it. I imagine moving each piece and then putting them back together. It’s just a small fantasy of mine : ). I also love her calligraphy. Check out the photos, and you can also read more about the exhibition in the link below.


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