Wedding cards

My brother is getting married in 2 weeks time! He and his fiancée wanted something simple and special for the wedding invitations. I decided to do a self-closing envelope, that closes like a rose with very subtle colors. The envelope is completely white from the outside, once you open it, you get to see a pattern printed inside with the invitation card.

I designed them when I was in Spain and I sent them from printing in Beirut (Dabbous Printing House), the result was really good. I love them! I went today to have the names of the guests written by a professional calligrapher (Mr. Ali Assi), I just love his handwriting, he’s extremely talented and he is such a funny person. Take a look! When he was done, he wrote my name and my mum’s name (last picture in post) and offered it to me as a present, isn’t he so cute? : )


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4 Responses to “Wedding cards”

  1. Mohammad Mortada Says:

    You had a photo shoot for the cards 😀
    They look even better than they actually are 😀
    Congratulations 🙂

    I’m following your blog now, nice stuff 😉

  2. 7osain Says:

    I Like the idea of the rose (Nectar inside).

  3. marta Says:

    so so so nice DIna!
    congratulations to your brother
    lovely invitations, lucky couple!

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