Printing with linoleum

I was excited about printing using linoleum. It has always been on mind but I’ve never done it before. I bought the material last week. You can find it in any professional stationary store. I drew my design on a piece of paper, then I carved it using the cutter. You should keep in mind that it works exactly like the stamp: everything that is left uncarved will absorb the ink, everything that is carved, will not receive ink, meaning it will not print. PS: Be very careful, I cut my fingers 3 times! : ) Once your design is carved, you apply a layer of ink using a rolller, I applied mine using a brush, because I didn’t have roller, plus, the brush allows you the use different colors of ink, whereas the roller applies on color on the whole surface. Once you have the ink applied, you get your paper and you print it.

You need:

  1. a soft linolium surface (I bought mine in A4 format)
  2. a linolium cutter comes with different blades (red tool in the picture below)
  3. paint ( I bought 3 colors: red, blue and yellow. You can mix colors together to get another one)
  4. a roller to spread the ink


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One Response to “Printing with linoleum”

  1. Ceci Says:

    Increíble! Me gustó mucho Dina, ya lo voy a poner en práctica cuando me haga un tiempito.
    Saludos de una seguidora argentina 😉
    Pd.: Que tengas un excelente comienzo de año!

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