Red and blueberries…

I present to you my latest pattern. One the followers of my blog asked me to show and explain the process of doing a pattern. Below, you can see the initial drawings. The first thing to do is to draw some elements (4-5). You draw them directly on the computer or by hand then you scan them in. The next step is coloring your items. Choosing a nice color scheme is very important. For me, it’s the part I like most. I love picking a color palette, it really affects the whole design. Choosing the right colors together makes your pattern much stronger and attractive. Once you are satisfied with your colors, you start doing a composition with your elements. I see this pattern on a cushion in a salon.  Enjoy!


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One Response to “Red and blueberries…”

  1. hadeel Says:

    very nice pattern, i like the first color sheme a lot…
    thanks a lot for the sketches and the info, they are really helpful
    keep it up 🙂

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