Rug process and samples

I did 2 small samples of rugs with colored sheep wool yarns. We did that in class, each one of us had to build her own wooden mechanism. The top one was spontaneous. The second one, was part of my project.

Once you decide on the design, you draw your design on the white threads using a felt pen (see the black lines below on the top image). These black spots would be hidden once you finish covering the area with wool. The process is quite easy, but it needs time. If you look closely there are two techniques used (the light blue has a texture (horizontal) which is a bit more complicated then the other (black and white for instance) which consists of cutting a small thread of wool (6cm for instance) and doing a knot on the white thread of the wooden mechanism. This technique is called: Turkish Knot. At the end, you cut them horizontally to create a homogeneous surface.


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