My work at the final year project presentation

Yesterday, I presented my final year project. I can not show pictures at the moment since it is a project designed for the brand Hoss Intropia, we have to wait till the results are out.

On the other hand, we were told that we could include any of the work we have done during the year. I put some of my projects and I did a compilation of some of the patterns and binded them together with my tag. These are the pictures!


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3 Responses to “My work at the final year project presentation”

  1. Ahmad Osman Says:

    Luc chou hal Dinette haydé. I love the entire presentation as well as the logo, but I guess that the best idea is those wooden cutouts – not only did you go into the pains of creating them, but you also went the extra mile and drew over them, which somehow restores to them the dimension of the unreal –.

    Mabrouc : ). Now when will you be visiting?

  2. Yara Says:

    Wonderful work deenz! Simply superb!! it shows that your heart and mind were in it!!!! Enjoy the success!!!!! Bravo!

  3. Tariq Says:

    I love it.

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