In one the silkcreen class we had a couple of weeks ago, we were asked to bring drawings that we would like to apply to a plain ceramic piece. I got some of my drawings, and we learned the process of printing over ceramic. It’s very similar to silkscreen but the ink used is different and the choice of colors is very limited (5 colors I think). You can not mix 2 colors together to have a third one, (see the first picture), and another difference is that a yellow layer is added at the end, called “decal”. When the paper dries, you cut each piece you want and you put in water, the paper gets off the transparent layer that has the visual, and you should try to put the transparent piece on the plate very delicately, removing air bubbles and trying not to have any fold. The last step is cooking in a special oven with high temperature. The yellow layer disappears in the oven. Once cooked, it’s ready to use!


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One Response to “Ceramic”

  1. Ahmad Says:

    i love the blue color and the illustrations, the salt and pepper shakers are really nice!!

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