Equipment – Illustration Friday

My drawing for this week’s topic: “equipment”.


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4 Responses to “Equipment – Illustration Friday”

  1. Jennifer Pfeiffer Says:

    So cute. I luv it.

  2. Ahmad Osman Says:

    1. I love the bi’ds.
    2. Excellent use of lines in the cables.
    3. There seems to be the beginning of an idea for a framing by empty space from both left and right. This idea, however, is disrupted by the cloud to the right, which breaks the right frame. If I were you, I would either move the cloud downwards to restore the emptiness of the right frame or would crop the composition from the right, such that it would read right-to-left, as opposed to reading central, as it currently does.
    4. I am not sure that you need to unifying strip at the very bottom, but even if you did, then maybe treat it in a different colour or texture as to give it balls. The way it is now, it seems rather accidental.

  3. bianca Says:

    great illustration style! love it

  4. sahily Says:

    Naif et tres jolie. I love it!

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