Fearless – Illustration Friday

I did this illustration today for this week’s topic which is fearless. I love it : )


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5 Responses to “Fearless – Illustration Friday”

  1. shelby healey Says:

    I love it too! The patterns are cool.

  2. J Says:

    ¡Me encanta!

  3. Mr Spoqui Says:

    Muchas gracias por visitarnos y por saludarnos en nuestro blog, Dina! Mi ilustración preferida es la que has hecho para el tema “dip” para Illustration Friday, me encanta los colores y la composición, todos los pequeños detalles. Es un dibujo muy espontaneo. Me encanta! Saludos, Mr Spoqui, FAMILY MAGAZINE

  4. Ahmad Osman Says:

    Wahahahaha you and elephants, it’s a never-ending story. I love the obsessive ornament on the woman’s belly, and the fact that everyone is floating after all above the line.

    But tell you the truth, I think it would have been funnier had they been the other way around (the meuf being on top and the cat at the bottom).

  5. Tony LaRocca Says:

    Not only is she fearless, but she has a very strong neck!

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