Detective – Illustration Friday

This week’s topic is “detective”.

I found this “magical” shell next to my house and reported it to the police station 😉


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5 Responses to “Detective – Illustration Friday”

  1. sheree Says:

    very lovely…

  2. samar haddad Says:

    beautiful! ♥

  3. Ahmad Osman Says:

    I am not sure that the reference to the detective is organic to this composition, though I have to admit that – strictly formally speaking – the typewriter fount contrasts nicely with your handwriting. That said, it is strange I never noticed before how good-looking your handwriting is. The shell is excellent, and again, it reminded me of Rena Qaranou7’s work in Kharbachate.

  4. Maria Bogade Says:

    I love the idea and your lovely illo!

  5. Gavin Goo Says:

    Wow, beautiful illustration & textures. Interesting idea too. 🙂

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