Linked – Illustration Friday

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything lately, but things have been a bit busy. I am back to Madrid and back to classes.

This week’s topic is “linked”. I am currently working on these drawings in ceramic class. I will post pictures soon, I promise.


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4 Responses to “Linked – Illustration Friday”

  1. happychinchilla Says:

    Wow, wonderful design, all the elements are very cool and the colors work perfectly with each other.

  2. Ahmad Osman Says:

    This is horribly interesting. It is visually pleasing and all, but also, the insertion of the bunnies is so postModernist. I cannot wait to see how they will turn out on ceramics.

  3. Maria Bogade Says:

    Great pattern design!

  4. dinakhalife Says:

    Thank you guys so so much 🙂

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