Rescue – Illustration Friday

I came to Beirut on sunday and I visited my aunt who is severely sick. I was amazed to see a person suffering this much, and not complaining about it. She was very silent, only smiling. For this week’s topic which is rescue, I thought of  her. I wish I could rescue her.



5 Responses to “Rescue – Illustration Friday”

  1. Tarek Says:

    I think you express your feelings well the colour contrast!! I just love it..

  2. Glaucia de Barros Says:

    Very nice illo! like the colors and patterns !

  3. Ahmad Osman Says:

    Dina fi diyaarina. Ya ahla bNahla (party emoticon).

    The illustration itself is gorgeous, quasi-African, especially the profile (this is something that you might want to investigate further, later on). I have a problem, big time, with the fact that the hair is the only element that is not delineated, especially that it is not central enough to be free-standing in terms of treatment. Regarding the textures, I think that they look good and are meaningful so far as the profile is concerned, but the texture of the background is rather forced, especially that it competes with that of the profile, both in texture and colour.

  4. hanane kaï Says:

    ahmad said everything i wanted to say! really! w bshaddid: this “quasi-African” style.. you should really continue working on / with

  5. Ahmad Osman Says:

    Yeh. Hanane Kaï caméene (party emoticon). 3anjadd el 3aylé saarite majmou3a ma3 Samnite Daisy. Kisses.

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