Subterranean – Illustration Friday

This week’s topic is “Subterranean”.


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6 Responses to “Subterranean – Illustration Friday”

  1. Dayle Says:

    Wonderful design. Really nice.

  2. sheree Says:

    really great concept and beautiful color choices!

  3. Ahmad Osman Says:

    Ya mama non ça va pas du tout the hand with the rest. The rest is excellent work, but the hand and the watering bucket look like, ‘Ne7na wéene?’ I am very convinced that such a school of visuals is begging for black and white photography instead. The tree is absolute power.

  4. Celene Godoi Says:

    Hola Dina!
    ¡Me gusta mucho todos tus 1000 colores! : )

  5. Natia Says:

    Hi Dina!
    I like very much your network. such a nice coulors..

  6. Lebanese List » Blog Archive » Subterranean Says:

    […] illustration by textile and graphic designer Dina Khalife. July 11th, 2010 in In […]

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