In the pattern design class I had, at the beginning of the semester, we were asked to draw 5 elements in black and white. The goal was to produce a module (“rapport”) manually. Then, I had to photocopy each element, with different sizes, for example, 4 different sizes of the elephant (several copies of each). This was applied for the rest of the 4 elements. Once I did my composition with all the elements, I cut it flowing the rules (rapport de lyonesa), and printed it on acetate so that I can be able to silkscreen it.

In the silkscreen class last week, I printed my module and repeated it on a piece of cloth. It is a long process and all done manually. The process is the following: I print one, then I have to clean my window, dry it, dry the cloth then put ink and print again to continue the repetition.


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4 Responses to “Silkscreen”

  1. Jad K. Says:

    Muy hermoso Dina!
    Congrats for the blog =)

  2. Sahily Says:

    I love your work, Dina. Me encantó como quedó el print en la tela.

  3. Ahmad Osman Says:

    At first, I was thinking, ‘Hmm, hmm,’ then I saw the photograph and it all made sense. Gorgeous shot per se, but it also captures the jewel-like quality of the prints.

  4. Samosse Nelshosse Says:

    Really like this silkscreen…happy for u… could be very beautifull in my flat…do you sell!!!

    Biz biz

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