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Rescue – Illustration Friday

March 30, 2010

I came to Beirut on sunday and I visited my aunt who is severely sick. I was amazed to see a person suffering this much, and not complaining about it. She was very silent, only smiling. For this week’s topic which is rescue, I thought of  her. I wish I could rescue her.


Expire – Illustration Friday

March 24, 2010

I was inspired from a branch of an almond tree, usually flourishing at this time of the year. I left it in the car. It was dead the next day. I thought it fit the subject “expire” well this week.

Subterranean – Illustration Friday

March 17, 2010

This week’s topic is “Subterranean”.

El beso

March 17, 2010

I developed this pattern in the Pattern design class. The first picture you see is the visuals I drew, and then combined them and repeated them to form a pattern (first picture, top right).

Few weeks ago, in the silkscreen class, I printed a composition with 3 of the visuals on t-shirts, and on a bag (2 colors).

It’s great to go out wearing your own designs! 🙂

The last picture with the red shirt was taken by Celene, my classmate.


March 12, 2010

In the pattern design class I had, at the beginning of the semester, we were asked to draw 5 elements in black and white. The goal was to produce a module (“rapport”) manually. Then, I had to photocopy each element, with different sizes, for example, 4 different sizes of the elephant (several copies of each). This was applied for the rest of the 4 elements. Once I did my composition with all the elements, I cut it flowing the rules (rapport de lyonesa), and printed it on acetate so that I can be able to silkscreen it.

In the silkscreen class last week, I printed my module and repeated it on a piece of cloth. It is a long process and all done manually. The process is the following: I print one, then I have to clean my window, dry it, dry the cloth then put ink and print again to continue the repetition.

Kukuxumusu conference at the IED Madrid

March 11, 2010

Yesterday, we had conference in school with Kukuxumusu. It was so funny. First they told us, that the founder of the company Mikel Urmeneta is coming, and he apologizes for being late. He’s probably on his way. Then, few minutes later, they announce his arrival. A huge metallic suitcase enters the room containing a real size metallic dummy of him. It was hilarious. They put it on the table next to them, and played a video with his voice explaining how he started the company.

It was a very interesting lecture and at the end, we were given masks with one of the caracters they have, and they took a picture of us. Check their work, very funny!

The crowd with the masks

During the conference

Brave – Illustration Friday

March 10, 2010

The topic for this week is: “brave”. I registered in illustration friday ( almost a year ago. I always wanted to participate. Every week I receive an email from Penelope and I always say to myself I should have a blog by now. Today, I started my blog, and I am sending my illustration for this week’s topic.

Welcome to my blog!

March 10, 2010

Finally… A blog! Youpiiieee 🙂 So excited about that. I will be uploading projects and pictures soon!